Individual Psychotherapy

Most of us seek psychotherapy when our efforts to change aren’t working as well as we’d like.  We may have tried using willpower, and met with limited results.  Or we may find ourselves repeating the same patterns in our relationships despite our best efforts to do something different.


All psychotherapies are designed to help relieve distress, but they differ in approach.  Cognitive behavioral therapies primarily address changing your habitual thoughts through education and practice.  Psychodynamic therapies focus on exploring motives and feelings that aren’t yet fully conscious and that operate to keep you stuck. 

As a psychodynamic therapist, my goal is to create a collaborative relationship in which we work together to understand your inner life in the service of your goals for positive change.  Sometimes that means helping you to tune in to aspects of yourself and your experiences that are influencing your life in confusing or troubling ways.  Sometimes it means making sense of psychological symptoms that limit your satisfaction or constrict your choices.  Whatever the specific issues we are addressing, our focus is always on helping you approach current situations in your life with the greatest possible clarity, flexibility, and freedom.

Research supports the effectiveness of psychodynamic therapy for many types of difficulties.  My own professional experience confirms its usefulness.  At the same time, I am knowledgeable about other treatment modalities, and I bring a practical and open-minded approach to discussing the type of therapy most likely to help you.